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Pool Opening

Our professional Swimming Pool Opening service can just help you get up and running or get your pool completely swim-ready in a minimal amount of time. Choose your preferred service option below, select the week you’d like us to come out, and indicate any upgrades, chemicals or maintenance equipment that you’d like. We’ll confirm the date and time we’re coming on the day before your service.

  • We only Open In-ground Pools at this time & are not taking on any new customers.

    Please call 402-616-7288 if you have been referred to us by a current customer. All new pools undergo an inspection by our service manager before any servicing. We reserve the right to turn away new pools for any reason.
  • Your Information

  • If you do not have an email, please call us at 402-616-7288 to schedule your pool opening.
  • Scheduling

    Please select one of the weeks below for your swimming pool opening. We cannot guarantee a specific day due to the volume of openings that we have booked. We will, however, confirm opening date 24 hours before arrival.
  • Please be aware that we have limited availability each week. Keep in mind pools can take 2-3 weeks to be swim ready so please be sure to schedule your pool opening at least three weeks prior to any special occasion or event in which you'd like to use your pool.
    PRO TIP: The later in the spring you open, the worse your water condition will be. Open early and treat your water consistently, even if you aren't swimming.

    Please Check One
  • Pool Opening Options

  • Standard Pool Opening: $265

    • Laminars, Deck Jets, Bubblers, Waterfalls will carry an additional $5 per feature
    • Start up and inspect equipment
    • Remove mesh safety cover
    • Flush antifreeze
    • Remove winter plugs / Install jets
    • Brush pool walls / Skimmers / Coping
    • Install deck equipment
    • Add 2lb sanitizer
    • Add algaecide

    Upgraded Pool Opening: $385

    • Laminars, Deck Jets, Bubblers, Waterfalls will carry an additional $5 per feature
    • Standard Pool Opening
    • Initial Pool Vacuum
    • Initial dosage for restoring pH and total alkalinity

    Green to Clean: $385+$65 Per Each Additional Trip
    **Does not include Salt, Stabilizer, extra Shock. This option is for customers in the Greater Omaha Area only. Not offered in Iowa.

    • Your Pool will be Swim Ready
    • Upgraded Pool Opening
    • Clean Off Equipment Pad

  • Upgrades

    The following upgrades are available should you be interested. Just check the box next to any of the options you'd like us to include with your pool opening.
    Prices are for services when performed with pool opening service. All services will be performed at closing EXCEPT for the following:
    • Auto Cover Fabric Cleaning
    • Filter Media Change

  • Repair Authorization

  • Water Analysis

    Bring in a water sample within 48 hrs of your Opening & receive 10% off Pool Chemicals!

  • Pool Opening Subtotal

    The following reflects an estimated total fee for your selected options on this page. We'll provide a final invoice after servicing your pool and accounting for changes in service options and applicable taxes.
  • $0.00
    Subtotal does not include any applicable sales tax.


Everyone has been AWESOME! Love the pool! More importantly the professionalism, follow through, and overall job management has been outstanding. This company is GREAT! If you are looking to install a pool, there is no doubt what company to hire.


We had a great experience with Outdoor Living, our pool looks wonderful, great work and service!


Best Pool Builders that we have worked with in Omaha. Creative Designs, Easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable, full service company that follows through.
Thanks Tim, Dave and the rest of the Outdoor Living Team – Clear Creek Landsdacpes, LLC.



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