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Visit our showroom to learn more about the incredible selection of indoor/outdoor spas and hot tubs we carry. As Omaha's exclusive dealer of Coast Spas and D1 Spas, we can help you find the perfect spa. Outdoor Living Pool & Spa Store in Omaha, NE When deciding which spa to buy, you'll want to consider the best value for your budget within the portable hot tub or spa category. Portable means a self-contained freestanding unit that can be moved (if circumstances make it necessary or desired) from one location to another. Factors to consider when purchasing a hot tub:  
  • Size:  Spa size is typically affected by the available space for the hot tub in your desired location, and by the number of people you want your hot tub to hold.
  • Comfort:  The comfort of the hot tub's seating is very important. Comfort factors include seating depth and variety, footwell space, lounge fit, access to hot tub controls, ease of entry and exit, and cushioned headrests.
  • Performance: Some people want a powerful hydromassage experience while others intend to use their hot tub primarily for soaking. If you're looking to maximize your hydromassage experience, consider the types of jets and the jet placement. A hot tub that maximizes the hydrotherapy experience will address all of the body's major muscle groups. You'll also want to consider jet flow adjustability as well.
  • Reliability:  Buying a hot tub that will last over time is an important consideration for most potential spa owners. Look for a spa that is well-built, uses high-quality materials and components, and is backed by a reputable dealer and spa manufacturer.
  • Ease of Maintenance:  Most likely, you're looking for a hot tub that won't require a lot of your time to keep the water clean and clear, and that will preserve its appearance over time. Our professionals can show you what products will help with an easy maintenance.
  • Energy Efficiency: Your spa's operating cost will be primarily determined by its ability to retain heat. Ensure that the hot tub has effective insulation for the shell and plumbing.
  • Safety: Check to be sure that the hot tub you are considering is listed by a recognized independent testing agency such as UL or ETL. Also, make sure that you use a qualified professional to connect the electrical service to the spa.

About Coast Spas

Coast Spas
Hot Tubs That Fit Your Life...We have a hot tub for every lifestyle and budget, carefully handcrafted using premium quality components and available with all the latest features and innovations. Coast Spas is one of the few hot tub manufactures to be ISO 9001:2008 quality certified.

About D1 SpasDimension 1 Spas

Legendary Design Dimension One Spas (D1) has been the leader in the design and manufacture of premium hot tubs since 1977. What other companies consider innovation is old news for D1, who was the first to utilize ozone, introduce fountains and patent the curvilinear shape of the Bay Collection—not to mention over 30 other patents. The design and engineering team at D1 have taken the time to listen to YOU, which has led us to develop the most therapeutic and relaxing experience available. The seats in our spas are based on over 100 measurements of the human body so you can always find the perfect fit.